WEi's Kim Yo Han Positive for COVID-19, 'School 2021' Postpones Airing Schedule
One of the cast of the drama 'School 2021', WEi's Kim Yo Han recently tested positive for COVID-19. This was conveyed directly by the OUI Entertainment agency through an official statement released on Sunday (14/11).

Through this statement, Kim Yo Han tested positive for COVID-19, while other WEi members are currently waiting for the results of the PCR test. In addition to Kim Yo Han's agency, the drama production team 'School 2021' also gave their official statement:

"A supporting actor from KBS 2TV's new Wed-Thu drama 'School 2021' tested positive for COVID-19 on November 13th. All of the staff and cast were immediately tested for COVID-19, and actor Kim Yo Han tested positive. The other staff and cast have tested negative.

Kim Yo Han is currently not showing any symptoms. It has been more than two weeks since the supporting actor and Kim Yo Han received the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, and there has been no close contact between the two people. Anyone who came into close contact with a confirmed case has entered self-isolation according to the instructions of the health authorities.

The production team continues to do their best for prevention through routine PCR tests and body temperature checks. We will continue to monitor the situation as we continue filming so that there are no further problems.

The premiere of the drama 'School 2021' has been postponed by a week to November 24th, and therefore the press conference will also be postponed by a week.

We will do our best to prevent another positive incident by ensuring the safety of players and staff through preventive measures. We apologize for making you feel worried," said the production team.
Initially, 'School 2021', starring Kim Yo Han, Cho Yi Hyun, Chu Young Woo, and Hwang Bo Reum Byul, aired on November 17th. However, due to the COVID-19 case, it has been postponed for a week to November 24th next week. (www.onkpop.com)

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