BTS Rumored Comeback on May 21st, BIGHIT MUSIC Again Give Statement
BIGHIT MUSIC once again responded to reports regarding BTS' comeback schedule. On April 16th, 2021, News1 media reported that BTS will make their official comeback on May 21st.

In the news article entitled 'The Whole World Has Been Waiting For BTS, New Digital Single Comeback On May 21st', it was stated that all members of BTS are currently in the final steps of preparing for a new digital single for their comeback which is remaining for another month or so. .

Hearing the news, the agency BIGHIT MUSIC gave their response through the media Sports Donga. BIGHIT MUSIC said that BTS' comeback schedule has not been officially decided yet. A representative of BIGHIT MUSIC said, "The artist schedule will be released once confirmed."

Meanwhile, a few days earlier, BTS was rumored to be making a comeback twice in May. Fans also welcomed the news with great enthusiasm. However, unfortunately the agency BIGHIT MUSIC has responded to the news twice.

"If the artist's schedule has been confirmed, we will immediately confirm the schedule" said the BIGHIT MUSIC representative at the time. (

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