BTS' 'Film Out' Debuts On UK Charts
BTS is back with the latest achievement they have achieved with their new Japanese song. On Friday (04/09) one of their new songs entitled 'Film Out' is known to have achieved new achievements.

'Film Out' has successfully debuted at No. 73 on the UK Official Singles Chart, which is one of the biggest charts in the UK. The song 'Film Out' is the first Japanese song from BTS to successfully debut on the UK Official Singles Chart.

In addition, due to the new achievements that BTS has achieved through the song 'Film Out', BTS is currently known to be an artist who has made their debut on the UK Official Singles Chart with 3 songs in different languages, namely English, Korean, and Japanese.

Prior to debuting on the UK Official Singles Chart, 'Film Out' also debuted at No. 92 on the Irish Official Singles Chart. Currently, the music video for the song 'Film Out' which was officially released by BTS on April 1st, 2021 has surpassed 69 million views on the YouTube platform.

Congratulations on BTS' new achievement! (

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