BTS, 'Parasite' and 'Minari' are The Biggest Contributors to The Rise of The Korean Wave Around The World
K-Wave or Korean Wave is a wave of popularity from the South Korean entertainment industry that has spread throughout the world. Today, the Korean Wave is being reassessed at its heyday and is increasingly spreading around the world.

This is known from one of the Korean media Newsen which reported one of the results of a survey about the development of the Korean Wave's popularity according to South Korean citizens.

According to a survey from which is a market research company in South Korea, 9 out of 10 South Korean countries admit that the popularity of South Korean cultural content is increasing due to the global popularity achieved by BTS, the films 'Parasite' and 'Minari'.

In the research, the company conducted a survey in recognition of the status of cultural content in the global market targeting 1,200 men & women aged 13-69 across the country. The results collected were that as many as 89% of respondents acknowledged that the global status of South Korean cultural content has improved.

"Of course, in the past there have been successful cases overseas due to the 'Hallyu Wave', but the current popularity status of Korean cultural content is considered a 'phenomenon', spreading across the globe regardless of boundaries." said the Trendmonitor.

In addition, BTS' appearances at famous overseas music awards shows, such as when BTS performed 'Dynamite' at the Grammys, the films 'Parasite' and 'Minari' which gained high popularity were also considered to be driving the rise in popularity of South Korean cultural content today. (

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