Wanna One's Former Member Lee Dae Hwi Asked About 'Produce' Voting Manipulation Case
The progress of "Produce" voting manipulation case has indeed entered a new phase by arrested PD Ahn Joon Young and CP Kim Yong Bum. Local media even reported that PD Ahn Joon Young had admitted to manipulating voting on two series, "Produce 48" and "Produce X 101".

The progress of the voting manipulation case had a negative impact during the promotion period of X1 and IZ*ONE which were the last two seasons of "Produce". Not only that, Lee Dae Hwi was also chased by media crews about his opinion.

On Friday (8/11), Lee Dae Hwi appeared publicly at a press conference for his latest drama "Mon Chou Chou Global House". The AB6IX member was questioned because he once took part in "Produce 101" season 2 and even successfully debuted in the group Wanna One.

"I also received this question (about the 'Produce' voting manipulation) at AB6IX showcase but the problem has gotten worse since then. It's heartbreaking," said Lee Dae Hwi.

"It is unfortunate that even the hard work of all trainees is being overshadowed (regarding the 'Produce' voting manipulation case). I hope they can get through this well," concluded Lee Dae Hwi.

The police themselves had previously interrogated PD Lee and Starship Entertainment's vice president Kim. However, the court decided that they would not be arrested because they had confessed their crime.

Meanwhile, the police are still investigating the case of voting manipulation in all series of "Produce". Police are also reportedly planning to investigate more officials in Mnet. We continue to follow the progress of this case together. (www.onkpop.com)

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