Netizen Suppose EXO Can't Be Won 'Album of the Year' in '2017 MAMA'?
The Trophy of Album of the Year earned by EXO at '2017 MAMA' turned out to be a pro and contra reaction. At the '2017 MAMA' awards ceremony held in Hong Kong on Friday (01/12) yesterday, EXO won the Daesang award for the 'Album of the Year' category.

Of course this award was immediately greeted by EXO fans. Even EXO members especially Chanyeol feel moved and cry on stage when receiving this Daesang trophy.

Although in the past year EXO also managed to bring the 'Album of the Year', most of the Korean netizens thought that the best album award this year should not be given to the SM Entertainment's boy group.

Like the Korean netizen comments seen on Nate's website,

"To be honest, their music this year is very poor. Hopefully they can release a better song next year, "

"BTS managed to sell more albums, but EXO earned the award, hahaha,"

"They should feel ashamed because they are able to get it thanks to SM,"

"Should not the BTS win the 'Album of the Year'?"

"Is not this the same as cheating? Because without a doubt the data mention BTS was supposed to get the award, "

"They really won 'Album of the Year' because of 'POWER'?"
another comment.

Do you think EXO should not get the 'Album of the Year' award? (
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