DAY6 and Jeong Sewoon Get Improper Treatment in '2017 MAMA'?
DAY6 and Jeong Sewoon Get Improper Treatment in '2017 MAMA'? Fans complained about the '2017 MAMA' treat on this two artists, DAY6 and Jeong Sewoon.

DAY6 and Jeong Sewoon became two of the rows of artists present at 'MAMA 2017' in Hong Kong last night, Friday (01/12).

In this awards show, DAY6 performed GOT7's remixed version while Jeong Sewoon performed a medley of the girl group nominated for Best Female Group.

A fan on the Instiz site protested by writing, "Jeong Sewoon and DAY6 are both releasing new songs this year, but they only feature songs belonging to others and not their own. I think this is a very improper treatment and MAMA should apologize to them. "

Most of the netizens also assume the same and think '2017 MAMA' treats many artists with unworthy. Some netizen comments,

"Also they only provide a small stage for Kim Chungha and do not give the best rookie award to her,"

"Poor DAY6, next year do not invite them if you give such a bad treatment,"

"It's really very disappointing,"

"Moreover, this event was held abroad. So they are called abroad just to sing somebody else's song, "

"Yeah, that's really very cruel,"
and various other similar comments. (
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