BTS Finally Releases "Yet To Come" MV!
What ARMYs have been waiting for, BTS has finally officially released the music video for 'Yet To Come'. As scheduled, the music video titled 'Yet To Come' was officially released by BTS on Friday (10/06) at 13:00 KST.

'Yet To Come' itself is the main track of the PROOF anthology album, which contains a compilation of their songs since 2013. The album is divided into 3 CDs with a total of 48 songs, of which 3 are new songs. On CD 3 fans can listen to demo versions of songs sung by BTS members, which have never been released before.

As revealed in the previous teaser, 'Yet To Come' is a pop song sung by BTS members' melodious voices and the music is more mellow. With high-quality music and emotional performances from BTS members, the music video for 'Yet To Come' is sure to shake the music world again.

Without further ado, just watch the music video for 'Yet To Come' from BTS below! (

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