Korean Netizens Surprised to See The List Of Girl Groups With The Best-selling Albums Of 2022
South Korean netizens were shocked by the list of K-Pop girl group album sales throughout 2022. In a post on the Instiz website, Korean netizens uploaded a list of the best-selling K-Pop album sales in 2022.

Red Velvet managed to rank first on the list with sales figures reaching 801,188 copies. Then IVE followed in second place with 747,792 copies, TWICE in third place with 511,458 copies, NMIXX in fourth with a total of 476,772 copies, and LE SSERAFIM in fifth with sales reaching 412,696 copies.

Kep1er then followed in sixth place with 389,542 copies, STAYC with a total of 284,427 copies, (G)I-DLE with 218,727 copies, fromis_9 with 151,818 copies, and BLACKPINK with 138,891 copies.

After seeing the list, Korean netizens on the Instiz site made comments such as:

“BLACKPINK, hahaha. They've been on hiatus for a long time, but they're absolutely amazing."

"Didn't TWICE not release a new album this year? Extraordinary,"

"Red Velvet is really really amazing,"

"Wow, Red Velvet is so crazy, BLACPINK, let's make a comeback,"

"TWICE didn't even make a comeback this year, hahaha,"

"Red Velvet has been 9 years since they debuted, is something like this possible?"

"IVE is a rookie group, but they are so amazing,"

"TWICE and BLACKPINK didn't even make a comeback, hahaha," and many other comments. (www.onkpop.com)

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