Fu Yaning 'Girls Planet 999' Revealed Mnet Asked Her to Do 'Diss' Against Choi Yujin
One of the contestants of 'Girls Planet 999', Fu Yaning recently revealed a surprising fact. This was revealed by Fu Yaning in a recent interview, where she talked about her 'diss' or her satire rap against Choi Yujin on the 'Girls Planet 999' program.

In the first episode of 'Girls Planet 999', Fu Yaning raps CLC's 'Helicopter' by adding the lyrics, “We go up! But you don't," or "We're up! But you don't." She addressed the lyrics to Choi Yujin who was considered unsuccessful in her career with CLC.

Through a recent interview, Fu Yaning revealed that the 'diss' she did was a request from the 'Girls Planet 999' program staff. She also explained that although Mnet displayed the tension between Fu Yaning and Choi Yujin to make it look dramatic, Fu Yaning admitted to having a good relationship with Choi Yujin during the event.

Meanwhile, Choi Yujin has managed to come out victorious on the 'Girls Planet 999' program and will debut as a member of the girl group Kep1er. (www.onkpop.com)

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