NCT 127's 'STICKER' Album Reaches 2.12 Million Pre-orders!
New Record, Album 'STICKER' NCT 12NCT 127 managed to set a new record with the number of pre-orders for the album 'STICKER'. NCT 127 has indeed been scheduled to make a comeback with the 3rd full album 'STICKER' on September 17th tomorrow.

Prior to its official release, NCT 127 had already opened pre-orders for the album 'STICKER' which has now reached a total of 2.12 million orders.

NCT 127 managed to set a new record as an SM Entertainment artist with the highest number of album pre-orders in history, beating NCT DREAM's previous record of getting 1.7 million pre-orders for the album 'Hot Sauce'.

To celebrate, fans are also flocking to raise the hashtag #STICKER_2MillionPreOrders on Twitter. Congratulations to NCT 127! (

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