This IZ*ONE Members Reportedly Will Debut in New Girl Grp of HYBE and Source Music
Several former members of the girl group IZ*ONE are rumored to be debuting in a new girl group made by the HYBE agency and Source Music. On Tuesday (08/17), Star News media reported that Kim Chae Won is currently considering debuting in the girl group HYBE and Source Music.

Not only Kim Chae Won, reports also mention that HYBE and Source Music are in the process of recruiting 2 to 3 former IZ*ONE members to debut in their new girl group.

Miyawaki Sakura, who was previously reported to be discussing a contract with HYBE, is also one of the strongest candidates. However, the source said that HYBE had a lot of difficulty recruiting Sakura, because of her contract with an agency in Japan.

Meanwhile, another IZ*ONE member who will be recruited by HYBE is reportedly considering whether she will debut as an actress or continue her idol career.

The new girl group of HYBE and Source Music is rumored to have a total of 5 members. If HYBE and Source Music succeed in recruiting 3 IZ*ONE members, then this will be the girl group project with the most IZ*ONE members so far. (

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