Red Velvet Successfully Tops iTunes Charts Overseas With 'Queendom'
Red Velvet managed to top iTunes charts in various countries with their new album. On Monday (08/16) yesterday, Red Velvet for the first time made a comeback after a long hiatus with the 6th mini album entitled 'Queendom'.

After its release, the mini album 'Queendom' immediately ranked first on the iTunes Top Albums chart in a total of 50 countries.

Various countries that have been topped by Red Velvet are United States, Canada, Netherlands, Norway, United Arab Emirates, Spain, Singapore, Cambodia, Egypt, Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Kazakhstan, Paraguay, Bolivia, Oman, Russia, Greece , Vietnam, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Brazil, Guatemala, Poland, Slovenia, Chile, France, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Laos, Costa Rica, Colombia, Romania, Hungary, Philippines, Japan, Ukraine, Hong Kong, India , Lebanon, Turkey, Taiwan, Mexico, Israel , Australia, New Zealand and Peru.

Not only that, the mini album 'Queendom' also topped the digital album charts of QQ Music and Kugou Music in China. While in South Korea itself, the main song 'Queendom' managed to rank first on the Genie, Bugs, Vibe, and Momople charts.

Congratulations to Red Velvet on the success achieved with the mini album 'Queendom'! (

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