HYBE and Woollim Respond to Rumors of Getting IZ*ONE Members to Become New Girl Group

After having shocked the news among IZ*ONE fans, HYBE and Woollim finally responds to the rumors of Kim Chae Won and Miyawaki Sakura.

On Tuesday (08/17), the HYBE agency and Wollim Entertainment responded to rumors that said two IZ*ONE members, Kim Chae Won and Miyawaki Sakura, would become members of the new girl group from HYBE.

As is known, Kim Chae Won is a former member of IZ * ONE and she has resumed her career as an artist under Woollim Entertainment. Regarding this, HYBE and Woollim chose to unify in response, "We cannot confirm the contents of the artist's contract."

It was also previously mentioned that Miyawaki Sakura is also rumored to be in final discussions to join the new girl group Source Music. What do you think? (www.onkpop.com)

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