Starship Wil Debut New Girl Group With Jang Won Young And Ahn Yu Jin
Starship Entertainment is rumored to be debuting a new girl group this year. On Sunday (08/22), Star News media reported that Jang Won Young and An Yu Jin will debut again as members of the new girl group Starship Entertainment.

According to the report, Starship Entertainment's new girl group will debut in the second half of 2021.

In addition to the two former IZ*ONE personnel, this girl group will also consist of Starship Entertainment trainees. However, for now the name of the group, the number of members and the concept have not been determined.

A representative from Starship Entertainment later confirmed the news to YTN Star, "We are preparing a new girl group in the second half of this year. Although we are targeting it in the second half of this year, we still cannot provide details. We ask for your understanding."

In addition, Starship Entertainment also did not comment on the news that Jang Won Young and An Yu Jin will join the girl group. In related news, three other former IZ*ONE members, Miyawaki Sakura, Kim Chae Won and Kim Min Ju are rumored to be debuting in the new girl group HYBE and Source Music. (

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