List of The Most Popular Korean Celebrities in August 2021
The Korean Business Research Institute is back with their latest research results. BTS managed to rank first on the list of the most popular celebrities with the acquisition of data sheets reaching 13,098,122 points.

Volleyball athlete competing in the Tokyo Olympics, Kim Yeon Koung, managed to rank second this month with 3,584,626 points.

Meanwhile, popular trot singer Im Young Woong managed to rank third with a total of 2,916,572 points. In addition to the three names above, see the full ranking list below:

1. BTS
2. Kim Yeon Koung
3. Im Young Woong
5. Son Heung Min
6. IU
7. Young Tak
8. Ryu Hyun Jin
9. Kim Jong Kook
10. Lee Chan Won
11. EXO
12. Yoo Jae Suk
13. Red Velvet
14. Kang Daniel
15. aespa
16. Brave Girls
18. SNSD
19. SHINee
20. Gong Yoo
21. Baek Jong Won
23. Song Kang
24. NCT
25. Lee Seung Gi
26. Jang Min Ho
27. Cho Seung Woo
28. Han So Hee
29. Oh My Girl
30. Lee Byung Hun

Did your favorite Korean celebrity make it to the ranking list above? (

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