Kim Woo Jin Officially Debuts Solo With MV 'Ready Now'
Kim Woo Jin has finally made his solo debut that fans have been waiting for. Exactly at 00.00 KST on Thursday (08/05), Kim Woo Jin released his solo debut music video entitled 'Ready Now'.

'Ready Now' is the main track of Kim Woo Jin's first mini album, titled 'The moment: , a minor'. The song 'Ready Now' is so special, because Kim Woo Jin participated in writing the lyrics, including other songs on the album 'The moment : , a minor'.

After releasing the music video for 'Ready Now', Kim Woo Jin will be releasing the mini album 'The moment : , a minor' at 18:00 KST on the same day.

Let's give your support for Kim Woo Jin's solo debut by watching the 'Ready Now' music video! (

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