'Ready To Love' Takes Home The 2nd Trophy, Congratulation SEVENTEEN!
SEVENTEEN managed to get the second victory trophy with their new song entitled 'Ready to Love'. On Wednesday (06/30) the song 'Ready to Love' SEVENTEEN was included in the nomination for the winner in the latest episode of the 'Show Champion'.

The song 'Ready to Love' competes with other popular songs such as TWICE's 'Alcohol-Free', GOT7 BamBam's 'riBBon', Brave Girls' 'Chi Mat Ba Ram' and Jang Beom June's 'Chasing Summer Rain'.

In the end, 'Ready to Love' came out as the winner and this was the 2nd victory trophy that SEVENTEEN had won with this song.

Even though they couldn't welcome the trophy in person, several SEVENTEEN members still gave their thanks through a video message that was played at the end of the event. Congratulations to SEVENTEEN on the second winning trophy for the song 'Ready to Love'! (www.onkpop.com)

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