Brown Eyed Girls' Ga In Fined After Illegally Using Propofol
Brown Eyed Girls' Ga In reportedly received a fine for using propofol illegally. Before there was a blind item report from South Korean media that said a girl group member was fined after being caught using propofol in July to August 2019.

As a result, the girl group member has been sentenced to a fine of 1 million Won. Now according to the latest report, the girl group member in question is one of Brown Eyed Girls' member, Ga In. Reportedly she claimed that she used propofol as a plastic surgery procedure, but the police found that her use of propofol was not related to any medical procedure.

Ga In is named as 1 of 4 people related to cosmetic surgeon 'B', who has been sentenced to a year and a half in prison for illegally administering propofol and selling the anesthetic drug etomidate to clients freely.

In response to the report, Mystic Story as Ga In's agency temporarily only said, "We are currently confirming the truth". (

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