Seungri Testifies About Jung Joon Young's Group Chat in Military Court
Seungri gave his side of story regarding Jung Joon Young's controversial chat group at the military court. On Wednesday (06/30), Seungri attended the military trial to discuss the controversial chat group case belonging to Jung Joon Young etc.

During the trial, the prosecutor asked Seungri, "There is evidence of illegal prostitution in the KakaoTalk chat group. There is chat content that mentions about entertainment services for your Japanese clients. Don't you know about this?"

Seungri then replied, "The messages in the KakaoTalk chat group are not all in my life. There are many different chat groups, and we also use about 5 other messenger apps. Even if I don't hold my phone for a moment, there are almost 500 unread messages piling up. Just because there is evidence of messages being sent on it doesn't mean that I read them all."

Regarding Japanese clients who received illegal prostitution entertainment services, Seungri added, “During the Christmas party, I invited acquaintances from all over the world. Those acquaintances also brought their own acquaintances, and these people themselves had many other acquaintances in Korea besides me. In the chat group there are also discussions about acquaintances from other countries, such as Vietnam, China, Malaysia, etc.”

“As I said before, KakaoTalk chat groups are not all in my life. I feel sorry to the public, because they are a chat group containing close acquaintances, we often exchange vulgar words. I feel sorry about that" he admitted about the vulgar words that were often used in the chat group.

After starting his mandatory military service, Seungri's case is currently being handled by a military court. However, recently the military court announced that from now on they would reject military conscripts who are currently under investigation outside the military court. (

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