BTS Breaks 5 Guinness Records With 'Butter'
BTS is again getting another great achievement with their new single 'Butter'. On Tuesday (05/25) local time, Guinness World Records announced that they had set a new BTS record with the song 'Butter'.

With the music video for 'Butter', BTS managed to break two new records for the categories "Music video with the most YouTube Premiere views" and "Video with the most YouTube Premiere views". The record was obtained after the music video for 'Butter' managed to get 3.9 million live views on YouTube Premiere, which broke the record for the music video for 'Dynamite' last year.

Not only did it break the record for "K-Pop group music video with the most YouTube views in 24 hours", the music video for 'Butter' also managed to set another record for "Most watched music video in 24 hours on YouTube".

Finally, the single 'Butter' also set the record for "Most streamed song in 24 hours on the Spotify platform". As the previous song 'Butter' managed to reach 11,042,335 streams in 24 hours, beating the record 10.9 million streams of the song 'I Don't Care' by Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber in 2019.

That way, so far BTS has managed to pocket a total of 23 records in the Guinness World Records since they debuted. Congratulations to BTS! (

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