Kim Jung Hyun Releases Handwritten Letter Apologizing For His Attitude
Actor Kim Jung Hyun finally speak out about the controversy involving him and actress Seo Ye Ji. Reported by Newsen, Kim Jung Hyun released a handwritten letter containing an apology for his attitude so far.

"Hello, this is Kim Jung Hyun. 

The drama 'Time' is my first project as a male lead, so it has a special meaning for me. But I really disappointed the director, writer, cast, and staff. I'm sorry. I have ruined the memories of the press conference for 'Time'. My actions at that time even myself would not approve of it. I deeply regret my actions in the past.

I have chosen to let my personal life interfere with my professional life. I don't hold onto my accountability as an actor or main character. I'm sorry without any reason. My whole process of leaving the drama 'TIme' in the middle of a series and my actions at the press conference were wrong. I sincerely apologize to all the staff who had to go through such a difficult time and to actress Seohyun who was hurt, all because of my actions.

I believe I should personally apologize to them, to everyone I have caused harm, even if it takes time. I am morally sorry for my label, O& Entertainment, and Culture Depot whose names appear disrespectfully. And I am very sorry to my fans who have supported and waited for me.

I also ask everyone concerned for an apology. I have time to reflect on my ambiguity and wrongdoing while writing this letter. If I get another chance, I won't take it all for granted and become an actor who takes care of himself both mentally and physically. I'm sorry."

Kim Jung Hyun Releases Handwritten Letter Apologizing For His Attitude


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