Seo Ye Ji is Officially Removed, OCN's 'Island' Drama Party is Looking For a Replacement Actress
OCN's new drama 'Island', which previously had Seo Ye Ji as a cast, was forced to drop the actress due to the controversy that dragged her name lately. Today, Wednesday (04/14), the staff of the drama 'Island' confirmed that Seo Ye Ji was removed from the drama.

Furthermore, the staff also revealed that the drama side is busy looking for a replacement actress and changing the script because the female characters in the drama already have script lines that have been adapted to Seo Ye Ji.

'Island' itself will run in 20 episodes and originally filming will start in June, but due to schedule changes, filming has now been postponed to July or August.

Seo Ye Ji is not the first actress to experience controversy and then withdraw from the drama, some time ago actor Ji Soo also quit the drama 'River Where the Moon Rises' and APRIL's Naeun which was dropped from the drama 'Taxi Driver' after tripping over the controversy. (

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