BTS Suga's 'D-2' Album Surpass 291 Million Streams on Spotify
A member of BTS, Suga who recently achieved new achievements with his mixtape album entitled 'D-2'. Today, on April 14th, 2021, one of the mixtape albums from AGUST D or Suga of BTS is known to have won an achievement because it has succeeded in surpassing 291 million streams on the Spotify platform.

The mixtape album 'D-2' is the 2nd mixtape album from Suga which was released on May 22th, 2020. One of the MVs of the song contained in the mixtape album 'D-2' entitled 'Daechwita' has also reached 218 million viewers in Youtube and surpass 97 million streams on Spotify.

Apart from achieving the feat with 'D-2', on the same day Suga also achieved another achievement with one of his collaborative songs with Max entitled 'Blueberry Eyes' which was released on September 15th, 2020 which is known to have surpassed 100 million streams on the Spotify platform.

Congratulations to BTS' Suga! (

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