IKON Explains The Meaning of Each Choreography in The Comeback Song 'Why Why Why'
iKON made their latest comeback in more than a year with the single 'Why Why Why'. They recently released a new behind-the-scenes video of their MV making and talked about the choreography for the song. 

When talking about the choreography for the chorus part, Yunhyeong shared the main choreography's name, which is 'promise dance'. "There is something called a 'promise dance'. To put your loved ones into your heart," said Yunhyeong.

The conversation then shifted to the choreography of the second stanza, where the five members joined Bobby for the first time on the song. Jinhwan brought it up first, and called the routine "unique".

"During the first verse, there was a part where we danced, and Bobby came in. I thought that part was very unique," said Jinhwan.

Bobby then gave more insight into this part of the choreo while referencing his latest solo comeback with “U MAD”. This makes it even more meaningful considering that he stopped his solo promotions after only 2 weeks to prepare for group iKON's comeback.

"That part is when I come back after my solo activities with the dancers. As if I just came back from a music show!" said Bobby.

iKON returns with digital single 'Why Why Why' after 1 year and 1 month. Their upcoming comeback will mark their first comeback in more than a year, following the release of their 3rd mini album 'i DECIDE' and the main track 'Dive' in February last year. Over the years, iKON has had many hit songs, from 'My Type' to 'Love Scenario'. (www.onkpop.com)

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