BTS Becomes Guest Star for Talk Show 'Let's! BTS' Tonight!
Good news for ARMY, that tonight BTS will air their own talk show on KBS. After showing their immense influence by appearing on Korean TV programs one by one and after being on 'You Quiz On The Block', they will be starring in their own talk show called 'Let's! BTS' for 100 minutes today.

The boy group will look back on their 8-year career based on the 3380 questions received on the show's website since March 2nd.

They will talk about what it's like to be nominated for a Grammy and the secret behind the stories of the various songs and stages that have caught attention from all over the world. It's not uncommon for a big broadcaster like KBS to prepare a special entertainment program with a certain group on the front lines.

This will also be the first time for BTS to hold a talk show with the same title as their own group name. Korean media think that the talk show is proof of their global impact. (
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