Very Busy For The First Time Since Debut, iKON Admits They are Happy And Excited
iKON, the boy group from YG Entertainment, will soon be making their new comeback after the album 'Return' which was released in 2018. Through their agency, iKON members conveyed their thoughts about their busy activities this year.

Apart from the comeback scheduled for March 3rd with the song 'Why Why Why', iKON is also busy preparing their special stages to present to fans on Mnet's newest program, 'Kingdom' which will be broadcast on March 1st, 2021.

“This is the busiest we've ever had, maybe since our debut preparations. We practise late into the night every day” they said.

iKON added, “Our bodies are tired, but we are very happy. We were filled with so much adrenaline that we couldn't feel tired. It feels like all the disappointments that have built up until now because we couldn't see and greet our fans, are all channeled now."

They also said they didn't need to diet because they were practicing non-stop. iKON hopes that their return this time can treat the longing of fans who have been waiting for them with patience and love. (

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