GOT7's Youngjae Officially Joins Sublime Artist Agency

Sublime Artist Agency released a statement regarding GOT7's Youngjae joining the agency today (01/20). After previously being considered to join the Sublime Artist Agency, the agency finally signed with Youngjae for a career with them.

Sublime Artist Agency also released a statement confirming this. “We are delighted to be able to work with a versatile artist, Youngjae. Not only musical activities, but also in a wider variety of fields, we will not spare any support so that he can show his talent. We ask for your support and interest in the future activities of Youngjae, a member of the Sublime Artist Agency" said the agency representative.

The agency's Sublime Artist is also the 'home' to various well-known South Korean artists such as Rain, Im Na Young, Song Kang Ho and other artists.

Are you also looking forward to any activities from GOT's Youngjae after joining his new agency? (

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