Cherry Bullet Looks Cuter Than Sugar in Comeback MV 'Love So Sweet'

FNC Entertainment girl group Cherry Bullet has finally released a music video for their comeback song titled 'Love So Sweet' today (01/20).

Through this video you can see the seven members of Cherry Bullet who listen to the sweet song and the refreshing choreography for the song 'Love So Sweet'. 'Love So Sweet' is the main track of their first mini album, 'Cherry Rush' and was released on the same day.

Previously, a member of Cherry Bullet, Yuju, had to undergo self-quarantine until January 21st, 2021 due to being exposed to COVID-19 in the shooting area of ​​the drama. Fortunately, until today (01/20) Yuju has tested negative for the virus.

Immediately, let's see the cute Cherry Bullet members in the music video for 'Love So Sweet' below! (

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