Make New Records, NCT 2020 New Album ‘RESONANCE Pt. 1' Sold Up to 1.4 Million Pieces
NCT managed to set their new record with the sales of the album 'RESONANCE Pt. 1'. On Friday (11/06), SM Entertainment announced that as of November 5th, the album 'RESONANCE Pt. 1' has sold 1.4 million copies.

This is the highest album sales amount ever achieved by NCT, since they debuted several years ago. Amazingly, the album 'RESONANCE Pt. 1' was released on October 12th, so the total of 1.4 million copies was obtained in less than a month since its release.

After achieving great success with the album 'RESONANCE Pt. 1', NCT 2020 plans to release a 2nd album titled' RESONANCE Pt. 2' on November 23rd.

Before releasing the album's second part, NCT will first perform one of the new songs from the album on the Twitter Blueroom LIVE broadcast today at 7 p.m. KST. Through this broadcast, NCT members will also answer fans' questions sent through the hashtag #AskAllAboutResonancePt2.

Congratulations to NCT! (
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