This is Tiffany's Answer When Asked About SNSD's Comeback
SNSD member Tiffany recently hinted at the group's recent activities. On November 5th, Tiffany appeared on the SBS YouTube channel "Mobidic", to be precise on the latest episode of 'Showterview' and hosted by Jessi.

The two started their conversation about SNSD and Tiffany revealed that she still meets SNSD members every day. Jessi asked Tiffany if SNSD had any thoughts of reuniting to promote again and Tiffany replied, “We always think about that. Right now, we are looking for a time, a time that really fits "

“We don't want it to be meaningless. So we are looking for time for us to grow more, then release an album with a message and meaning, because the last album we released was our 10th anniversary album."

Jessi joked "Then you guys won't be 'Girls' Generation' because you are all in your thirties." Tiffany briefly replied "No, because none of us are married." which make everyone laugh. (
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