Confirmed Coming Back, PSY Will Participate in MOMOLAND's New Single
MOMOLAND has confirmed that they will be making a comeback after a long time with their last single, entitled "Thumbs Up". But apart from the news of MOMOLAND's comeback which was already quite happy for fans, on October 19th, MLD Entertainment also revealed that PSY will be participating in their comeback this time.

MLD stated, "Singer and producer PSY will participate as lyricist on MOMOLAND's new song which will be released in November."

PSY also shared, “MOMOLAND is a great group at expressing fun music in an even more interesting way. In that aspect, they are juniors who get along well with me, and I'm happy to be able to participate in their new song."

"After I heard the song's demo, I immediately liked it so much that I happily agreed to participate in the lyric writing process."

A source from MLD Entertainment added, “With PSY's participation in the lyrics, MOMOLAND's new song has become even more unique and complete. We hope it becomes a global hit like "BBoom BBoom" and "BAAM".

This new song is planned to be released ahead of MOMOLAND's 4th debut anniversary, which falls on November 11th. (

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