The Comedian Who Installed a Hidden Camera in The Women's Toilet in KBS Building Has His First Trial
At the end of May the public was shocked by the discovery of a hidden camera in the women's toilet in KBS building. Since the incident was reported, the police have started an investigation to arrest the suspect.

In early June, 'A' was found turn himself to the police. It was not long after that it was revealed that 'A' is a KBS comedian himself who joined by auditioning in 2018 and appeared on the "Gag Concert" last May.

After several months had passed, the first trial of the case was finally held on Friday (08/14) today. During the trial, 'A' was charged with violating the Special Cases Law on Punishment and Other Sexual Crimes by trespassing into various places and using hidden cameras for sexual purposes.

During the trial, the prosecutor also exposed 'A's various lecherous acts apart from installing CCTV in May. Prosecutors stated that between October 2018 and May 2020, 'A' went to the toilet or women's locker room up to 47 times to illegally install hidden cameras. 

In some cases, he even held a camera over the bathroom partition to record the victims live. Not only that, he was also accused of having transferred the recordings to his personal electronic device.

After the prosecutor submitted his indictment, 'A' pleaded guilty by being represented by his lawyer. 'A' acknowledged the truth of all CCTV evidence, recorded evidence on cell phones as well as written statements from the victims. "We are working to reach an agreement with the victims," ​​said 'A's lawyer.

Meanwhile, 'A' purchased a hidden camera that resembles a portable external battery at an online shop last May. After that he put it in women's toilet at KBS building before finally found. But how surprising it was because it turned out that the action was not the first time for 'A'. (

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