MV Concept Looks Similar, This Nigerian Artist is Accused of copied GOT7's 'Just Right' MV
Later, netizens were shindy by the music video of Nigerian singer Lyta, who was considered to copy the MV concept used by GOT7.

Since its release on August 13th, Lyta's "Hold Me Down" music video has been in the spotlight and in the discussion because it uses the same concept used by JYP boy group GOT7 in their music video for "Just Right" which was released in 2015.

In the music video, Lyta is seen starting the video with a room set that looks similar, a woman who is dressing up, until she finds a small artist singing and dancing on the room table.

Some details up to the gesture used in GOT7's “Just Right” MV are also seen in Lyta's “Hold Me Down” video, so the comments on her video are full with criticism.

You can compare the two MVs below. (



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