J.Y Park Shows Retro Movement with Sunmi in 'When We Disco' Dance Practise Video
J.Y. Park and Sunmi have uploaded the dance practice video of their collaboration song entitled 'When We Disco'. In the video, the two solo artists completely show off their retro style to their choreography in colorful 80s outfits.

As fans know, Sunmi is a soloist who previously worked under JYP Entertainment, which made the duet even more special.

“When We Disco” is a song that exudes a strong retro style with an 80s concept, and it is about two people who can't forget their time together. The MV for this song was released on August 11th. J.Y. Park and Sunmi have also promoted their songs on several music programs.

Sunmi herself has just released her new single "Pporappipam" on June 29th. Watch the dance practice videos from J.Y. Park and Sunmi down below! (www.onkpop.com)
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