A Famous Girl Group Members Allegedly Go To Gay Clubs Which Exposed COVID-19 Patients
A member of a well-known South Korean girl group has recently been the subject of discussion because she was allegedly visited a gay club that was exposed to COVID-19 patients.

The unnamed girl group member was recognized as a well-known girl group, where she was rumored to have visited a gay club located in Itaewon.

The news became the spotlight because the club which reffered to had actually been exposed a patient who was positive for COVID-19 after her visit on May 2nd.

Reporting from a Korean media outlet on May 7, a representative from the girl group said, "After checking with each member, we know they never even went to Itaewon. All members are worried about the spread of coronavirus, so they live separately. We don't even know where such suspicion arises," refutes rumors that have lingered.

However, there is still no information regarding who the members of the famous girl groups. (www.onkpop.com)

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