Kim Min Kyu and The Biyz's Juyeon Take COVID-19 Test, 'The Show' Program Will be Vacuum
Korean music program, 'The Show' has decided to postpone the airing of their latest episode. The decision was taken after EVERGLOW staff previously tested positive for the corona virus on April 1st.

Reportedly EVERGLOW staff who contracted the coronavirus had attended 'The Show' program in March 24, 2020. As a result, 'The Show' decided not to air a new episode on April 7th, 2020. In addition, 'The Show' program also asks all staff to do quarantine at home, after undergoing the COVID-19 test.

In addition to 'The Show' program staff, the two main MCs, Kim Min Kyu and The Boyz's Juyeon, have also been tested.

As stated by Cre.Ker Entertainment, "Juyeon had undergone COVID-19 test yesterday (April 2) and is currently doing a quarantine period. The results will come out on April 4 tomorrow."

Meanwhile, the Jellyfish Entertainment agency stated, "Kim Min Kyu underwent COVID-19 test and the results will come out on April 6."

Meanwhile, EVERGLOW's Sihyeon who is also the MC of 'The Show' has been declared negative from the coronavirus. (
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