Netizens Compare the Encome of Big Hit, SM, JYP and YG in 2019
Korean netizens recently compared the income earned by large agencies in South Korea. Through posting on theqoo forum, netizens described the income earned by Big Hit Entertainment, SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment and YG Entertainment in 2019.

The data released at the forum is divided into several categories consisting of sales, operating profit and net income data.

On the sales data, SM Entertainment leads with a total sales of 658 billion Won. Meanwhile, Big Hit Entertainment led the operation profit of 98 billion Won and net profit of 79 billion Won. 

Big Hit Entertainment and JYP Entertainment made profits in 2019, while SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment both experienced deficits.

You can see the complete data below! (

SM: 658 billion Won
Big Hit: 588 billion Won
YG: 265 billion Won
JYP: 155 billion Won

Operational profit
Big Hit: 98 billion Won
JYP: 43 billion Won
SM: 40 billion Won
YG: 2 billion Won

Net profit
Big Hit: 79 billion Won (Profit)
JYP: 32 billion Won (Profit)
SM: 16 billion Won (Deficit)
YG: 25 billion Won (Deficit)
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