NCT 127 Fans Got Criticized After Crowding The Member at the Airport During The Coronavirus Outbreak
Fans of NCT 127 get criticism from netizens after being caught crowding the members at the airport. On Thursday (03/12) yesterday NCT ​​127 members arrived at Incheon airport after completing their schedule abroad.

After arriving at the airport, NCT 127 members were immediately surrounded by fans who had been waiting for their arrival.

Considering that there is currently a coronavirus outbreak in South Korea and citizens are prohibited from gathering in large numbers, the fans of NCT 127 have finally drawn a lot of criticism from Korean netizens.

Some comments on the Korean netizens' anger after seeing this rogue NCT 127 fans:

"Really don't have manners,"

"They still do that even though now the country is getting a coronavirus outbreak? Are they crazy?"

"If you want to protect your oppas, don't act like that,"
and many other critical comments.

You can watch the videos of the fans while swarming NCT 127 members at the Incheon airport below! (

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