Member of Senior K-Pop Boy Group and A Famous Entertainer Amaze The Audience of 'King of Masked Singer'
The 'King of Masked Singer' program recently visited by a member of a senior K-Pop boy group and a famous entertainer. On Sunday (02/16), 'King of Masked Singer' aired the 4 performances of the contestants in the semi-finals.

One masked singer of Generation X successfully defeated the other contestants and advanced to the 3rd round to fight Brachiosaurus.

In the 3rd round, Generation X performed Seo Taiji and Boys' 'I Know', while Brachiosaurus sang 'Perhaps that was Love' by Choi Yong Joon.

Although the three of them together presented their best performances, Brachiosaurus eventually won with a vote of 55 and 44 points.

When he unmasked, Generation X immediately made the audience and celebrity panelists excited, because he was a member Super Junior, Kim Heechul, who is also known as a presenter on various television programs.

Many celebrity panelists did not think that Kim Heechul was the person behind the mask, including Shin Bong Sun who commented, "Nobody mentioned your name," which Heechul later answered, "I guess everyone here doesn't recognize my voice when singing. . I am very embarrassed by my voice when singing."

You can watch Kim Heechul's performance on the 'King of Masked Singer' program through the following video! (

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