Rocket Punch's Yunkyoung Absent From Group Activity Due to Health Issues
Rocket Punch's Yunkyoung has been confirmed to absent from group activities for a while. The news about Yunkyoung's absence was delivered directly by Woollim Entertainment on Monday (02/17).

The agency said, "While preparing for the new album, Yunkyoung experienced pain in her knee and was diagnosed with traumatic synovitis."

"The doctor said that this would not prevent her from carrying out promotional activities, and although we minimized Yunkyoung's activities and made various efforts to keep the comeback success while maintaining her health, after observing her condition since promoting for 'BOUNCY', we realized that it would be difficult for Yunkyoung to continue to participate in promotions that require her to dance on stage."

Even though Yunkyoung had a strong desire to continue promoting, the agency decided that Yunkyoung would temporarily be absent from promotional activities on music programs.

Even so, Yunkyoung will continue to participate in other promotional activities that do not require her to dance on stage.

Hope you recover soon, Yunkyoung! (

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