IZ*ONE Successfully Sold 300 Thousand Pieces of Album in The First Week
IZ*ONE set a new record with the amount of 'BLOOM*IZ' album sales in the first week of release. Previously, IZ*ONE had broken the record for girl group album sales in the first week, in just one day of the release of the album 'BLOOM*IZ'.

Now, not a week has passed, IZ*ONE has again set a record by selling more than 300 thousand albums.

Based on data released by the Hanteo Chart, the full album 'BLOOM*IZ' which was released on February 17th, has now sold 315,525 copies.

Although there are still three more days before reaching the time of the week since the release of the album 'BLOOM*IZ', IZ*ONE has achieved a record as the first K-Pop girl group capable of selling 300 thousand pieces of albums in less than a week.

Currently IZ*ONE is also promoting for their main song titled 'FIESTA'. Congratulations to IZ*ONE! (www.onkpop.com)
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