Had a Car Accident, Lee Kwang Soo Will Do a Surgery and Vacuum From 'Running Man'
Shocking news came from Lee Kwang Soo who was rumored to have suffered a car accident. On Tuesday (02/18), Lee Kwang Soo reportedly suffered a minor car accident on February 15th.

The King Kong by Starship agency explained, "On the afternoon of Saturday (02/15), Lee Kwang Soo who went using his car to attend a personal schedule was hit by a car that violated traffic lights."

"After having a check up at the hospital, he was diagnosed with a fracture in the right ankle. Lee Kwang Soo will be hospitalized and get treatment from an expert."

"Therefore, he will not be able to undergo his schedule and we ask for understanding from all of you. We will continue to see progress and he will focus on getting treatment so that he can recover soon," the agency concluded.

Chosun Sports Media also reported that Lee Kwang Soo will do a surgery on his ankle today, so he will not be able to keep up with various schedules for the time being, including filming the program 'Running Man'.

Get well soon Lee Kwang Soo! (www.onkpop.com)

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