Golden Child's Bomin Confirmed To Be a Cast of '18 Again 'Drama
Golden Child's Bomin has been confirmed to be a cast on JTBC's new drama '18 Again '. Previously, this Golden Child member was reportedly considering an offer to star in the drama '18 Again ' positively.

Now on Tuesday (02/18), Woollim Entertainment announced that Bomin had confirmed his role in the drama.

'18 Again' is the latest project from PD Ha Byung Hoon who previously directed the drama 'The Sound of Heart' and 'Go Back Couple' on KBS2.

Through this drama Bomin will portray the character of a student at Serim High School named Seo Ji Ho. Even though he has a cold look on the outside, Seo Ji Ho is a boy who has an innocent heart.

In December 2019 Kang Ha Neul and Lee Do Hyun were rumored to be the main cast of the drama '18 Again '. Currently Lee Mi Do and Yoon Sang Hyun are also considering roles in the drama. (

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