'Unanswered Questions' Officially Apologizes to NU'EST Regarding Sajaegi Issues
SBS' "Unanswered Questions" program on the latest episode was successful become public spotlight because exposed the manipulation of charts in the K-Pop music industry.

But among the many positive comments, fans slipped into criticism for dragging NU'EST as if the group was involved. Pledis Entertainment itself immediately gave a rebuttal and asked the production program to apologize.

On Thursday (01/09), "Unanswered Questions" finally made an official apology. The production team also acknowledged that the appearance of NU'EST W was their fault.

"The footage that aired 'Unanswered Questions' involving NU'EST W is a separate topic and is not related to the 'digital music sajaegi' topic discussed in the recent broadcast and it was an error on our part when we failed to confirm the facts and keep showing the recording is an error."

"We would like to express our sincere apologies to NU'EST members, their fans and Pledis Entertainment for causing such a misunderstanding because NU'EST was mentioned in our broadcast."

"We also clarify that since the episode was aired, there have been no information reports that claim that NU'EST has been suspected of being 'sajaegi'," concluded the 'Unanswered Questions' statement.

Finally, "Unanswered Questions" confirmed that the broadcast on January 4 was a work of fan support for their idol artists through several downloads, as the previous NU'EST fanclub members had shown.

Meanwhile while attending the 2020 Golden Disc Awards a few days ago, JR in his winning speech also denied the accusation of the sajaegi. "You can confidently listen to the music we've made so far," JR said. (www.onkpop.com)
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