NU'EST W Accused of Doing Sajaegi, 'Unanswered Questions' Production Team Give a Statement
The latest episode of SBS Program, 'Unanswered Questions' got a lot of attention after raising the topic of sajaegi or manipulation of digital charts. The program broadcasts an interview with a man who states that his personal data has been used for the purposes of sajaegi.

The man claimed have received an e-mail stating that his account had purchased some music on a music site. In the attachment to the E-mail's evidence, it appears that one of NU'EST W's songs, "Dejavu", was purchased in July 2018 in the name of the account, although he never bought it.

It was immediately reaped the reaction of Pledis Entertainment as NU'EST W's agency. The agency stated that the report was untrue and demanded "Unanswered Questions" to apologize.

After several days, "Unanswered Questions" finally responded to Pledis' official statement. The production team gave an official statement along with a lengthy explanation like this:

"During our latest episode regarding chart manipulation, we met with an informant who claimed that his email had been stolen. In this informant's mailbox, there was an email from Genie Music congratulating him on the registration of 46 IDs."

"Furthermore, the song 'Dejavu' by NU'EST was included in the list of songs purchased. The producers removed the list, but by mistake, the fact that 'Dejavu' NU'EST was on the list was revealed."

"After the broadcast, a member of the group formed by NU'EST's fans claimed that when he created a Genie account to buy NU'EST songs, he entered random e-mails instead of his own and found the e-mail belonged to informers on the show."

"It likes this is a mistake made by some fans who buy music using various emails and that Pledis Entertainment has nothing to do with it."

"If this is true, we express our deepest sympathy for the careless editing of our producers. We also express our sympathy to fans who use other people's e-mails to buy copies of songs."

"Furthermore, the producers of 'Unanswered Questions' would like to state that it is up to the investigative authority to reveal the list of artists and that in their request, they will disclose the contents of the report. We will continue to confirm the report regarding graphic manipulation, and if necessary, further broadcasts will be conducted."

Meanwhile, before that NU'EST had also convinced fans not to believe in the issues that were blamed on them. They stated that when giving a winning speech at the 34th Golden Disc Awards. (

NU'EST W Accused of Doing Sajaegi, 'Unanswered Questions' Production Team Give a Statement
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