MOMOLAND's Daisy Reveals 'Finding Momoland' Program Has Also Been Manipulated
Fans were surprised by MOMOLAND Daisy's statement that the 'Finding Momoland' program had also been manipulated. After a recent controversy about voting manipulation in 'Produce' program, Daisy recently revealed that 'Finding Momoland' program that aired in 2016 has also been manipulated.

On Tuesday (07/01), KBS released the results of their exclusive interview with Daisy and her mother.

Through the interview, Daisy said, "The day after I was eliminated, the agency contacted me and asked me to meet them the next day. They told me that they already planned to put me in the group even though I was eliminated and I will debut on the next album after promotion for the first album was over.”

"When I entered the waiting room after eliminated, a staff member from the agency said that I didn't need to worry, because they already had plans for me."
As fans know, Daisy joined MOMOLAND through the album 'Wonderful Love' which was released half a year after MOMOLAND officially debuted.

A representative from MLD Entertainment agency later said, "It's true that we offered Daisy to join the next album, but she joined MOMOLAND because she agreed with our offer. As an agency, we only add new members to fill in the blank aspects in the group."

KBS also reported that MOMOLAND members had to pay production costs for the 'Finding Momoland' survival program.

Daisy again said, "After debuting in 2017, I got a notification in my bank account. On my bank account records in 2016, I had a debt of almost 70 million Won and they said that was part of the cost of producing the 'Finding Momoland' program. I heard the fee has been shared with each MOMOLAND member. Because my dream of debuting as an idol is very strong, and I think it's natural to pay the fee, so in the end I paid it."

Regarding this matter, MLD Entertainment explained, "We have explained to the members and it is not a problem because they have all signed contracts to approve it."
CJ ENM, as the parent company of Mnet, later denied that it was involved in the manipulation of voting on 'Finding Momoland' program. They stated, "CJ was not directly involved in the production of 'Finding Momoland', and we only aired the program because the agency already had a contract with us. Because the program was produced by another company, we knew nothing about the selected members, production costs or promotion of the program."

However, unlike the denial, KBS mentioned that one PD from Mnet participated in a press conference for the program 'Finding Momoland'. When MOMOLAND gained huge popularity in 2018, Mnet also re-aired the program 'Finding Momoland'.

Daisy herself is known have begun to vacuum from MOMOLAND activities since February 2019 and she plans to terminate her contract with the agency. While MOMOLAND recently made a comeback for the first time with 6 members. (
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