Former X1's Member Kim Woo Seok Write A Letter  For Fans After Disbanded
Kim Woo Seok became the next former X1 member who write messages for fans after the group's dissolution. This letter was written by Kim Woo Seok and shared via TOP Media official Twitter account on Tuesday (07/01).

Kim Woo Seok wrote, "Hello, this is Kim Woo Seok. We think the same things and dream the same things."

"Through X1, I learned many things and had valuable experiences, and received lots of love from many people. When everything I thought was just a dream finally came true, you were by my side. Thank you once again."

"It is an honor to work together with X1 members, and I will treasure our memories together in my heart for the rest of my life. I want to ask you to send X1 members, who are crying, laughing, and spending many days with me, with kind words rather than critical comments.”

"I also want to thank Swing Entertainment staff member who worked so hard for us."

"I think I've said this before. Even though you will no longer use the name ONE IT, I will never forget you all."

"I received a lot of love. I learned many things. I think I can give you lots of replies, and I'm sorry that I can't do it.”

"I hope that people will support me so that I can greet everyone as soon as possible with new dreams,"
he said.

Previously, Lee Han Gyul and Nam Do Hyon have also sent video messages to their fans. (
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