Kang Daniel's 'Touchin' Wins The First Trophy, Congratulations!
Kang Daniel won his first trophy for the song 'Touchin' on the music program. This trophy was obtained by Kang Daniel on the latest episode of the program 'The Show' which aired on Tuesday (03/12).

In today's episode 'The Show', Kang Daniel managed to get score 6195 points for the song 'Touchin'.

While ASTRO ranked second with the acquisition of 5950 points for the song 'Blue Flame', and AOA ranked third with a total of 3830 points for the song 'Come See Me'. This is the first trophy won by Kang Daniel, since a comeback with the single 'Touchin'.

Today's trophy is also so special, because the trophy was handed over by Bae Jin Young, former Wanna One members, who served as the MC. Congratulations Kang Daniel! (www.onkpop.com)

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