SEVENTEEN Brings Two Award Trophies From the 2019 Asian Music Festival
SEVENTEEN successfully brought home two trophies from the '2019 Asian Music Festival' award ceremony. The '2019 Asian Music Festival' is an award event held in Shenzen, China, on November 17, 2019 yesterday.

Through this award event, SEVENTEEN took home two award trophies for the Album of the Year and Asia's Group of the Year categories in 2019.

In their official Twitter account, SEVENTEEN uploaded photos of The8 and Jun with the award trophy while writing, "We are grateful for being able to get a valuable award. Carats, who is always with SEVENTEEN! Thank you and let's continue together!"

This trophy was obtained by SEVENTEEN exactly one day after holding a concert tour 'Ode To You' in Indonesia on November 16. Congratulations SEVENTEEN! (

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